U.K Celebrity Big Brother's Ellie shows HUGE bruise on her bottom and complains bitterly about being 'sexually frustrated' after getting steamy with beau Sam

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The 23 year-old UK Celebrity Big Brother contestants Ellie Young and her 24 year-old Sam Chaloner on and off beau are only set to cause more stirs on Wednesday night's episode of the show as they are seen to get hot and heavy while admitting to feeling 'sexually frustrated'.

The sexy scenes came just hours before the former Ibiza Weekender star showed off an eye-watering bruise on her derriere which could have been attributed to her sexy roll around with her on-off beau.
Ellie and Sam shared a steamy kiss just three days after he entered the Borehamwood compound and have been alternately locking horns and flirting in the days since - leading to their fiery passion. 
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It is Ellie's second romance in the house, as she previously confessed to fancying her former housemate Lotan and shared a kiss with him in bed and she has now kicked off her new love even further with Sam.
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The duo have been sharing a bed in the Thorn Cottage bedroom and after a night of kissing they complained of their sexual frustration in the confines of the house.

Later in the show, she pulled down her tight jegging style trousers to display the eye-popping bruise marked on her posterior while showing off her thong. 
Aside from her saucy antics with Sam, she was also seen chatting to co-star Simone Reed about Andrew Cruickshanks' financial affairs.

Ellie insists she thinks her co-star is lovely yet Simone hits out at Andrew as she claims in need of money which is why he is appearing on the show.
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She states that he is need of the £15,000 winnings up for grabs for the Second Chance Housemates and claims he needs the money more than she does.


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