Pregnant Chanelle Hayes proudly shows off her MASSIVE bump as she frolics on the beach with loads of FLESH

Who says pregnant women aren't beautiful! 

She's been open about her difficult pregnancy, documenting her terrible morning sickness and weak disposition.

But the 29 year-old UK born reality star Chanelle Hayes, appeared to put her maternity woes behind her - as she cavorted on the beach on Friday.

Wearing a white bikini, the Big Brother star looked delighted to be out enjoying the sun whilst on holiday.

At one point, she was seen cool herself off by taking a dip in the shores, allowing the seawater to wash over her exposed skin.
Chanelle decided to partake in a spot of exercise, breaking into a gentle jog along the beachfront, while displaying her voluptuous bottom.
Ensuring that her crown of glamour didn't slip, even while on the beach, the reality star styled her brunette tresses into curls and allowed them to cascade over her shoulders.
Not letting the prospect of getting wet stop her from sporting a full face of make-up, Chanelle painted her face prettily for the occasion.

the bombshell proudly displayed her fuller bust, rounded from her six months' gestation, in her halterneck bikini top, which sat at a flattering angle on her chest.

Her white bikini was trimmed with a colourful fabric lining, while she added a fashionista's touch to her look by popping a pair of sunglasses on her head.
Reclining on the beach front, Chanelle appeared to be extremely happy as she turned her face to the sun to fully bask herself in its rays.
She then decided to take the plunge and fully immerse herself in the sea, allowing its waters to cool her off in the scorching heat.

Standing up, Chanelle was seen to readjust her hair, while flaunting her bump in all its glory at the same time.

She pouted as she surveyed the beach, and fiddled with her bikini top to ensure that there were no unwarranted wardrobe mishaps.
However, things haven't always gone this swimmingly for Chanelle during her difficult pregnancy.
The beauty revealed in a heartbreaking interview on This Morning that she was suffering from a 'vile' pregnancy - and had to have a sick bucket present throughout her appearance.

Failing to muster up a smile, Chanelle - who is six months pregnant - didn't hold back in discussing her journey to motherhood a second time around.
Ruth asked her to clarify previous remarks of 'feeling like a whale' - to which she responded: 'I was in make-up once and there was a big picture of a gorilla and I felt like that. It’s horrible, you feel bad.'

Talking about the tough time she's been having, Chanelle, who was 16st at the time of discovering she was expecting, described: 'I’m on high risk on this pregnancy. I'm always on this on fear of being on drips in hospital. It’s been vile. Disgusting.'
The star, who has previously admitted to throwing up forty times a day, continued: 'I’m so grateful that I can baby, but I'm having a miserable time. Especially with polycystic ovaries and being overweight.

'There’s so much talk about post natal depression – but you can also feel like that when you are pregnant. Especially when you’re not happy with your body beforehand and being sick constantly.'
Since her appearance on Big Brother 10 years ago, Chanelle was catapulted to fame with a huge focus of her public profile being on her fluctuating weight although she is now super confident.

After gaining six stone and shooting from a size eight to a size 16, she embarked on a huge health kick in 2014 which saw her hurtle back to her tiny size, while showing off her physique in a series of barely-there bikinis.


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