Lateysha Grace flaunts her enviable curves in this skin-baring snap.

The former Celebrity Big Brother starlet 24, flaunts her surgically-enhanced assets at any given opportunity, and you'll hear no complaints from fans.

Lateysha Grace took to Instagram in this skintight sports bra and knickers combo for her latest eye-popping body reveal, Lateysha shared a picture of herself rocking gym wear that proved to be no match for her curves.

No doubt keen to show off the results of her fitness sessions, the mum-of-one proudly displayed her bare stomach. Putting her breast foot forward, the Welsh beauty embraced an almighty boob spill in a low-cut sports bra.
But the main event happened south of the buxom babe's cleavage, as she poured her booty into a pair of sinfully small lycra hot pants.

Thanks to the skintight fabric, Lateysha rocked an impressive camel toe.

Following in the footsteps of Khloe Kardashian — who recently admitted to going commando — the reality starlet embraced the wardrobe gaffe.
“You are stunning”An Instagram follower

True to form, her followers have been quick to comment on the post.

One admirer gushed: "Thank you for being a healthy, curvy role model to young women," followed by a raised hands emoji.

Another wrote: "You are stunning," alongside a heart-eyed face.
Lateysha Grace flashes CAMEL TOE in high rise swimsuit
Lateysha Grace the Celebrity Big Brother star rivalled Kim Kardashian with her booty reveal
The mum-of-one causes a fan frenzy with her sizzling stripteases

Getting straight to the point, an eagle-eyed viewer wrote: "That p***y bulge."

"Looking incredible," an awestruck fan noted.
Unable to handle the heat, one flustered Instagram user remarked: "So close to having a stroke from your beauty," alongside a red broken heart emoji.


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