Horrifying 10 ft killer python wrestles with EIGHT men

 A footage has surfaced online showing the terrifying moment a killer python wrestles for supremacy against eight men.

The mammoth beast was spotted by a petrified woman as she walked by the roadside in the small Thai province of Nakhon Nyok.

After escaping the fearsome predator, the terror-stricken woman raised the alarm and alerted eight local men to hunt down the serpent.

After scouring the roadside for hours using their car headlamps as search lights, they managed to track down the slippery behemoth.

It soon became obvious that finding the monster was only half the battle, as it took over half a dozen men had to grab its body and pin it to the ground.

During the shocking clip – which lasts almost three minutes – the serpent can be seen striking out at the men, as they attempt to subdue it with a large stick.

The footage ends with the brave lads lifting the snake up as one of them shrieks in horror.

Talking about the terrifying episode, one of the men said: “This snake took a while to get under control. It almost had the woman for her dinner.”
He continued: “She was terrified and asked for help. So we caught the python and got the situation under control.”

The group placed the snake inside a sack and unleashed it into jungle a few miles along the highway.


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