Crazy Couple share daring knife throwing stunt with Instagram fans

Charlie and Rachel Atlas are a husband and wife duo who admit they “push the boundaries” when it comes to their on-stage performances.

The couple dabble in a variety of circus acts with a sexy edge but their speciality performance is knife-throwing.

Charlie likes to throw knives at a giant dartboard while Rachel – often donning little else but corsets and nipple tassels – is the target.

And in a recent promo video, with company Bad Ass Official, the saucy pair happily demonstrated their respective talents.

Thrilling their 20,000 Instagram followers the couple, from the UK, said: “We made a special video, hope you enjoy, there’s some close ones.”

Brunette beauty Rachel, in a black vest top and red hot pants, gets into position against a wooden board.
She throws her head back into a partial backbend as Charlie throws eight knives at her body.

They line up against her profile – missing her skin by mere inches.

But the final knife is thrown to land just above her throat and things look touch and go as the knife slices into the wood so close that Rachel’s hair moves.

Realising how close the knife got, she stares at the camera in disbelief.

The glamorous assistant then tells viewers: “Now that is badass.”

Thousands of fans have been raving over the incredible clip.

“Damn one of the closest throws yet,” one viewer said.
Another wrote: “The risk is so real but he is a god damn demon with those knives.”

But a third asked: “Do you ever get used to him throwing things at you?”

Rachel joked: “He’s trying to get rid of me.”

Another daredevil performer was recently caught on camera in a horrific live stage show gone wrong.

The fire-breather’s display ended in disaster when he accidentally set his face alight.

This is what they did as at 2014.


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