Celine Dion goes braless in a see-through top as she continues to sex up her image

Recently the Titanic singer stripped fully naked for Voque Magazine in an image that was posted on the Vogue Instagram account. The mum-of-three sitting staked naked on a chair.
However, she managed to maintain her dignity with some good arm and leg placement.

The Canadian superstar worn a see-through black T-shirt with no bra underneath and skinny jeans for appearance in Paris

The Canadian pop star showed off much more than usual when French snappers’ photos picked up her curves underneath the semi-sheer garment.
The black T-shirt was a simple look – much simpler than Celine’s extravagant designer garb – but it attracted attention anyway, for obvious reasons.

Celine, 49, appeared oblivious to the fashion faux pas outside her hotel in Paris as she chatted to members of her team.

However, she’s recently undergone a major style overhaul which now sees her wear much more raunchy outfits – or incredibly expensive ones.

And the Parisian T-shirt flash came less than. a week after Celine posed nude for Vogue

The My Heart Will Go On hitmaker is currently touring Europe after making a huge comeback following the death of her husband Rene Angelil at 73.

Now estimated to be worth £500million, Celine is planning to splash out on a tattoo of her late husband’s heartbeat.


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