Amber Rose 33, kisses her Toyboy 21 Savage as they splashed $22k on the strippers during club appearance in Atlanta

Once a slut is always a slut, having been there, done that, Amber always showed some love and huge financial motivation for the ladies on the pole business. This time around, she did it together with her new beau/toyboy.

The former Stripper turned business woman Amber Rose, 33, continued to cozy up to boyfriend 21 Savage at Club Crucial in Atlanta on Monday night.

They've been flaunting their love all over the place lately.
The duo made an appearance where they showed off their loved-up status by making out in the club and turning the appearance into a ladies night as they dropped $22,000 on booze for the women, according to TMZ.
Amber was on-trend in a white off-the-shoulder crop top with black and white high rise checkered pants. She sported her usual shaved head and accessorized with large hoop earrings. 

The pretty model and social media star wore dramatic makeup around her eyes and finished off the look with a nude matte lipstick. 

21 Savage opted to go casual in a Fila tank top and some enormous bling around his neck. As the new couple was there to promote 21 Savage's new record Issa Album and turned the club into a ladies night. 
The mum-of-one Amber recently opened up about her new relationship with the rapper, gushing about him all over social media. 

On Monday she posted a picture of the two together, captioning it: 'It's pretty amazing waking up every morning feeling love like this. I've cried endlessly and been hurt a lot in my life, I've been abused, talked to like I wasn't s**t, been gaslighted and Slut shamed by men that I once loved and cared about.' 
She added: 'So I'm so thankful that God brought this amazing person in my life who genuinely has my back and is ready to "pull up" to defend my honor by any means. 

'Maybe he's just as broken as me and that's why we're perfect for each other but either way he's not going anywhere and neither am I.' 

Alongside a selfie of the pair, Amber wrote: 'When he loves spoiling you but you got ur own money so you spoil him instead ain't nothin like that #thuglove' 
The curvaceous buzzcut blonde's little boy already approves of the new man in her life.

'He's super sweet and amazing, he's really cool...we relate on so many levels,' Rose gushed on Thursday's Loveline podcast. 

'I don't want to be with a guy for three, six months, two years, and then introduce my kid and my kid's like, "I don't like him." It's not like I'm dating someone new and I'm like, "Bash, this is mommy's new boyfriend, call him daddy now." You know what I mean? I don't hug or kiss or do anything intimate in front of my son.'


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