Top 10 Athletes With Most Illegitimate Children

You gotta love this:

Every single athlete on the list of "Top 10 Athletes With Most Illegitimate Children" is a nigger. Gee, who would have thought? By my count, you're looking at 86 nigger kids with over 50 women -- and I assume most or all of the women are white.

Is this a problem? No. These are big, strong, handsome alpha bulls who attract the most beautiful white girls. Once they get that big black dick in that hot white pussy, the bitch is gonna beg for him to unload in her, and I've never known a nigger to pull out under those circumstances. Some of these sluts were probably looking for a payday, but most of them just wanted a good hard fuck from a good hard nigger.

Just niggers doing what niggers do best. Here's Ray Lewis, #7 on the list with "six children from multiple women." Ray has a checkered past, from carrying a gun to hanging with murderers. In fact, a lot of people think he got away with murder himself. Good thing he got off -- it'd be a shame to lock up a nigger who's so good to white pussy.

I've seen Ray in person. He's a giant of a man, and a real bull. The combination of good looks, deep voice, and a rock hard muscled body attracts white women like crazy, so Ray has his choice of the finest. What nigger would pass up white pussy like that?


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