This Indian man is just 29 INCHES will never guess his real AGE!

The 50-years-old Indian man Basori, from Madhya Pradesh, has become a hero in his village due to his unusual height measures just 29 inches (73.5cm) tall stopped growing at age five.

Yes! 50 not kidding but, Basori Lal doesn’t look like a real 50-years-old man.

Basori Lal who is among the smallest people in the world is regularly visited by curious travellers from the surrounding areas. And himself is quite happy with his tiny body.

He said: "I don't have a problem with my height. I work, live and sleep like other people. I also eat like normal people.

"Whatever I am is okay. I don't face any problems because of my height."

But Basori has faced prejudice over his small frame earlier on in life.

As a toddler he was of average height and it was only later that family members started to notice he was no longer growing.
His brother, Gopi Lal, 55, who is of regular height and lives with Basori, said: "Basori was born like a normal kid. He was born a normal height.

"Then, when he was five, we noticed that his height was not increasing."

As Basori grew older, he encountered some tough times and experienced some bullying in his village – but thankfully those days have past.

He said: "People used to bully me a lot, they call me an alien.

"But that time is gone now. I am the only one who is being loved by the villagers."
The family's economic situation meant that Basori was never given a thorough medical diagnosis.

Gopi said: "Nobody was able to take him to a doctor. We are poor people, I am a labourer. Where would I take him?"

Now, at the age of 50, Basori lives happily with his brother Gopi and Gopi's wife Satia, who feel blessed to have him as part of their brood.

Gopi said: "People from different villages come to our house to see my brother. That's a blessing for us.

"We feel proud that people love and care for Basori."

Basori also works with his sister-in-law in a local factory – and she is keen to pay tribute to her mini brother-in-law.

Satia, 50, said: "Basori is a man with positive thinking.

"He doesn't have any regret of being too short. It doesn't bother him.

"All he needs is happiness, good people around him, and a good whiskey."

Now Basori is content to spend his life living with his brother and working in the factory to earn more money for the family.
He said: "I don't want to get married.

"I want to work like I am doing right now. I always want to live with my brother."

Indeed he’s so happy with his height that he drinks a special toast to it each evening before bed.

"I need a glass of whiskey before I go to sleep. That's my way of celebration," he added.


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