The moment paddle boarder nearly dragged to his death by HUGE squid

Certainly every surfer should know you are no longer on top of the food chain the moment you dive into the sea with your Paddle board.

Sometimes it is not all about Sharks, Whales or salt water Croc you only need to worry about, when you surf in the sea. You might want to add squid to your sea predators list.

In the scary footage James Taylor uploaded to Instagram, shot by a fellow boarder, the squid appears underwater as the man’s legs dangle over his board.

Suddenly, he is forced pull his legs up onto his board as the squid grabs at him.

With its tentacles pulling the paddle board under, the man has no choice but to stand.

But within seconds, the board is submerged and the squid makes the move to grab the boarder, sending him plunging into the water.

“Oh no he’s grabbed onto the board,” a hysterical woman can be heard yelling in the clip.
Paddle boarders have to be made of strong stuff, with several videos emerging online of encounters with wildlife.


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