River monster 'Goliath Tigerfish' is pulled out of the Congo River

When you jump into certain rivers in Africa, it is like slipping into the  belly of the beast and you'd better pray you thrust home safely before the jaws snap shut!

This monstrous beast, aptly named the goliath tigerfish, is a carnivorous fish found in the Congo river basin in Africa. As a matter of fact, it is said this monsterous fish even feast on Crocs.

There have been numerous incidents of the 1.5m whopper attacking humans – but local legend suggests the killer fish has even been known to attack much larger prey, including crocodiles.

And now spine-chilling footage that has gone viral online shows TV fisherman Jeremy Wade’s close encounter with the goliath tigerfish, taking a peek at the creature’s terrifying set of teeth up close.

After an adrenaline-filled chase, Wade finally manages to reel in the thrashing brute before snaring it in a net.

Exhausted, the fish sits just beneath the surface of the water allowing the camera a peek at its dinosaur-like head.

A huge row of 2-inch teeth protrude clearly from its powerful jaws, able to fit into grooves in its mouth that allow the fish to completely shut its mouth to trap prey inside.

“Always knew my fear of dark waters wasn't entirely irrational,” said one viewer.
Another wrote: “This is one of those things I would never believe exists unless it were caught on camera.

“Gotta love Jeremy Wade.”

“I have the urge to cut those teeth by half and make them flat and not so pointy,” a third added.

Earlier this week, an Aussie bloke went viral after filming himself diving headfirst into a tiny muddy hole – emerging with a shocking surprise.


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