Meet the woman with the BOOBS of Mass Destruction giant 32G in Latvia...A Human Sex Doll with a message for men!

Oh my God! Khloe Khan, Katie price, Nicki Minaj, Krysina, Pixee fox, Amanda Love, Anastasiya Kvitko, Leza Drummond and the rest of all the most beautiful women in showbiz. You d' better brace yourself because there is a new queen in town.

A lady with BOOB of that size giant 32G cannot be contest with.

Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to the BOOBS of Mass Destruction and she is got a message for all you.

The queen of Boobs with mind-boggling proportions is commanding married men to leave their wives and worship her. And I think she is really got what it takes to be worshiped.

A blonde bombshell actually spent £30,000 to look like a blow-up sex doll if after your hubby!
Victoria Wild has transformed herself into a "human sex doll"and claims to have the biggest breasts in Latvia, made the comment on social media while posting her latest saucy selfie.

Victoria Wild who turned herself into human sex doll urges men to leave their wives and worship her instead
Wild spent a whooping sum of £30,000 on plastic surgery to acquire her ultra-fake look. The blonde bombshell splashed £25,000 on three breast augmentations, taking her up to to a huge 32G cup, £3,000 on a nose job and £2,000 on botox and huge lip implants.

Victoria Wild the 30-year-old pent 30,000 GBP transforming herself into a human sex doll that wants men to worship her.

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Alongside her most recent scantily-clad snap, Wild wrote: "Leave your wife, worship me!"

But critics - who say she has taken plastic surgery several steps too far - do not seem tempted by the self-proclaimed "jetsetter, philanthropist, model, TV personality, princess and real-life Barbie doll".

Netizen ‘lord_laizan’ said: "Boy, you are one ugly one. You look more like a scarecrow. Why would you want lips like that? They look like a joke."

While 'barkundenis’ added: "I think it is not too late to reverse your post-surgery look. This is simply horrendous, don’t you see it yourself?"

But some men are fans of the fake look, with one saying: "You are the ultimate perfection of a plastic f*** doll with huge fake t***. More power to you, more men will worship you."

One guy even agreed to leave his wife for a Wild life. He said: "Done! Signing the divorce papers now!"

Wild is said to be planning even more plastic surgery, including buttock implants and three further breast augmentations. after this ? Are you kidding me!

Victoria Wild the 30-year-old blonde bombshell has transformed herself into human sex doll and want men to worship her

Victoria Wild displays her 30,000 GBP surgery transformation into human sex doll
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She said: "Who wouldn't want to be treated like a bimbo doll? It's such a sexy look. People stare at me in the street and I love the way I stand out.

"I had a very normal childhood, living in a small village in the countryside. I was very slim and blonde and people would call me Barbie.

"But I hated my small A cup boobs. I didn't like myself or the way I looked. I had an inferiority complex.

"I didn't know about plastic surgery at that age but I would always dream about resembling a sexy bimbo doll with huge breasts and insanely big lips."

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When she was 25, she met her boyfriend, who she named only as Simon, an Italian businessman, who encouraged her dreams of looking like a sex doll.
Victoria Wild claims to have the biggest breasts in Latvia
"Simon is a successful businessman and he loves the bombshell, plastic look too. He offered to help me financially with the surgery and motivated me to achieve my goal,” she said.

"Simon loves my sex doll look. I'm a bombshell now. People look at me in the street and men absolutely adore me. Simon's so proud of the attention I get."


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