Kylie and Khloe's boob licking portrait causes more controversy than Khloe's usual cleavage-packed selfies

The reality heavyweights Khloe Kadashian 33, and Kylie Jenner 19, have both teamed up for usual sex appealing photoshoot to celebrate their reality show KUWK which on the contrary they didn't anticipate the public reception would be catastrophic!

The 19-year-old ex-Tyga's girlfriend has been labelled "disgusting" for a picture with sister Khloe Kardashian.

Khloe shared two black and white pictures from a party to celebrate 10 years of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (yep, it's really been 10 years).

“Why is your sister licking your t**?”One commenter

One showed Khloe puckering up as half-sister Kendall held a strand of her hair between her lips.

That might sound weird enough, but their pic was bog standard in comparison to Khloe and Kylie's.

As Khloe, 32, pouted, her teen sister leaned over and licked one of her boobs while gazing provocatively at the camera.

Khloe captioned the pic: "My babies for life!" – but nobody else thought the picture screamed family friendly.

One person commented: "Kendall nailed it... kylie...omg disgusting!", with another adding: "Kylie you're sick."

A comment asked: "Why is your sister licking your t**?"

And another follower wrote: "Why would you pose that way with your sister! That's just nasty."

The sisters previously came under fire over a campaign shot for their make-up collaboration, in which Khloe tenderly touched Kylie's face as both reality stars wore white knickers.

And fans were left uncomfortable when Kylie appeared to strip topless with big sister Kim for their nude lip kit collaboration.

We know everyone has an awkward family portrait in the photo album, but this is just ridiculous...


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