Kate Moss appears stark NAKED in 'MILF' pics has sent ripples through the world of fashion

The 43-year-old English born supermodel Kate Moss has been unveiled in a London gallery with a price tag of £25,000, titled MILF

The sculpture Artist Edgar Askelovic spent four months on the work to craft from 80kg of platinum silicone.

But the supermodel's latest appearance packed a seriously freaky twist.

Cut off at the arms and legs, it depicts the blonde's bare torso and is bonded together at the waist.
Unsurprisingly, it's her larger-than-life assets that take centre stage.The icon's hair is tucked back into a chic bun to accentuate her cheekbones.

As for makeup, the bust sports a nude pout, winged eyeliner and a sweep of bronzer. The work took Askelovic four months
Meanwhile, the strikingly realistic eyes are made from polyurethane resin.

He worked from photos of the muse in her birthday suit to ensure as lifelike a result as possible.

Gallery director Jean-David Malat said of the piece: "Edgar drove from Germany with the sculpture to show me.

"At 29, he is a young artist and this sculpture has been created through photographs alone, which is amazing."
"MILF has no arms, implying both Venus and dummy, simultaneously. Kate Moss could have been a mannequin, but instead she has became a goddess in the fashion industry."

Askelovic chipped in:"All of my artworks are made by myself, from A to Z. Sculpting, mould-making, casting, colouring, sanding, polishing and crate making.

"Many artists and hyperrealistic sculptors use factories to produce their art, with some of them using already existing body parts such as eyes and teeth."
Kate Moss flashes her bottom in saucy Lui magazine cover
We haven't seen this much of Kate since she stripped to her birthday suit for W magazine.


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