Cheerleader Meets New Baller

Cheerleaders are often accused of being stuck up bitches, but it's just not true.

Consider how she treats Jamal, the new bsketball transfer to her school. She was so sweet and so welcoming to this tall handsome Negro. She knew he'd make the team a winner, but she also has a loving and giving personality. She was so in awe of him when she saw how huge his black hands were as he showed her some of his ball-handling skills.

Jamal thanked her when the went inside her house by giving her a big kiss, knowing how much white girls love his big thick nigger lips. She really liked it, but told Jamal her father would be angry if he knew she "let a nigger in the house."  Jamal just laughed and said "Then you better not tell him how much I like your little white titties" as he mouthed them. When he felt her wet pussy, he knew he was home.

"If your daddy is gonna be pissed anyway, then you might as well suck my dick, baby. Be the first at your school to try it out."


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