Caught pants down! Tourists caught having jacuzzi threesome as police raid brothel in Thailand

As Thailand continues her quest in squashing drugs and prostitution in the country, Police and the Army have been relentless in raiding brothels across the country especially the capitol.

This time around, two tourists were caught pants down, engaging in a steamy threesome at a brothel in the “sex capital of the world” Pattaya by police.

The embarrassing moment was caught on video at Rioja Club in Pattaya, Thailand.

The western men, who have not been identified, were drinking at the club yesterday evening.
A woman in her 20s was paid around 2,000 baht (£46) for an hour in the hot tub with her, police said.
Authorities – who have recently banned new strip clubs from opening in the city – are continuing their raids on bars to root out prostitution.
Police and army officers burst into the room and caught the two men redhanded. They also nabbed 15 sex workers downstairs drinking with customers. One was also found having sex on a bed upstairs.

“We cannot allow this in Pattaya”Colonel Apichai Klobpetch

The two tourists were drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and one was receiving oral sex from the girl while his friend also joined in.

Pattaya police chief colonel Apichai Klobpetch said: "This was another successful operation. We cannot allow this in Pattaya.

"This is a resort for families of every age to enjoy. We will continue more operations to clean the area."

Thai Police Lieutenant Colonel Sulasak Kalokwilas leads a group of policemen and soldiers past young women enticing customers to enter a bar
Undercover officers initially entered the club and confirmed that sex was available by offering 3,000baht (£70) for a girl.

After raiding the club, they found condoms, lubricant and other sex toys on the premises. The manager of the club was arrested and taken in for questioning.

Pattaya has been described as "Sin City" with the beach resort being overrun by sex workers.

Pattaya developed its bawdy reputation when American GIs from the Vietnam War flocked to the area looking to blow off steam. Now the Thai authorities are looking to crack down on the infamous red light district

Staff put on a very wet and wild display.
Police have been attempting to change the image of Pattaya by raiding brothels. Prostitution and naked shows are illegal there .


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